How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? A Price Guide

With more people than ever remotely working, everybody is looking for new and exciting ways to save money.

Many have never considered installing solar panels before. Still, with huge savings on travel costs to the office, many opt to save even more money by kicking out their roof with a solar array.

If you’re thinking “how much do solar panels cost?” then take a look at this quick guide for the kind of prices to expect.

Think About Where You Live

In most cases, the closer to the Equator you live, the more likely you are to save money on solar panel installation.

However, also make sure you consider the climate in your area. Some countries are cloudier than others, despite being the same distance away from the Equator. For example, Los Angeles, CA, is on the same latitude line as Fes in Morocco. But during the Spring and Fall months, the skies are more apparent in Los Angeles than in Fes.

Therefore, your location is crucial to understanding how much value for money you will get from installing solar panels.

Roof Position Is Key To Pricing

Similar to the above point, consider the position of your roof in your pricing.

Installing solar panels is most commonly recommended facing the Equator, South for Northern Hemisphere and vice-versa. But do note that the further away you are from the equator, the less efficient your North, West, and East-facing panels will become.

That said, they are more efficient than many people first think. If you can afford to, it’s a good idea to make use of your entire roof space. When you produce extra energy, you can sell it back to the grid or store it in a home storage battery.

Look at Your Current Energy Usage

If your funds are restricted, and you can only afford to kit out part of your roof, it’s always wise to see how much you can reduce your energy usage in other ways.

Consider changing your usage habits or opting for alternative measures first, such as fully insulating your home. That way, you’ll require a smaller solar array, and you can always expand further when funds allow.

Plus, it’s worth considering your future usage too. Electric cars are increasing in popularity. While they save a small fortune in running costs, charging at home can triple your energy bill.

Suppose you find yourself needing to finance solar panels or wall insulation to get the most out of your savings. In that case, innovators like Hayes Barnard specialize in helping people who are keen to install these panels without worrying about finding the upfront funds.

“How Much Do Solar Panels Cost” Depends on Your Needs

The answer to “how much do solar panels cost” comes down to your location, roof direction, and energy requirements.

Reducing your monthly expenses in other ways first is best practice, especially in insulating your home. That way, you can reduce your overall energy demand and thus only require a smaller, less expensive installation.

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