How Can I Do a Social Media Background Check on a Candidate?


52% of people that took a social media survey determined that their social media and several people on social media are toxic. It’s surveys like these that drive us as business owners to conduct a social media background check.

The last thing you want is to have someone that is spreading a toxic mindset working for your company. Look below for a step-by-step guide if you’ve been looking for how to conduct a social media employee background check.

What’s a Social Media Check?

In simple terms, a social media background check is when an employer reviews an interview candidate’s social media profiles. This is done to ensure that the candidate isn’t spreading ideas that are different from the company’s culture.

Another reason background checks are conducted is to take note of red flags and get a feel of the skills that the candidate has. This can tell you a lot about what they have to offer the company.

Here’s how to conduct a social media check the right way.

Begin With a Search Engine

The first step is to type the candidate’s name into a search engine like Google. When you do this, all the profiles that match the name will appear in your results section making it easy for you to search each account one after the other.

Be aware that some of the accounts may be private, but most can be accessed without creating your own account.

Do a Check For Everyone

As a business owner, you don’t want to risk being sued because a potential employee finds out you checked their social media and no one else’s. For this reason, you need to create a clause in your company policy that states all employees will be subject to a social media background check.

This ensures there are no issues when you review the candidate’s social media profile. This source can help you conduct the screenings you need for your franchise.

Hire a Company

Sometimes you don’t have the time to dedicate to searching potential employees’ social media profiles, which is why you should hire an outside company. The other benefit of hiring a company is that you won’t have anyone within the company criticizing the candidate’s profile, therefore, persuading the hiring decisions.

Conduct Checks at the End

You might be wondering why you’d wait until the end of the hiring process to conduct a background check on the potential employee? This keeps you from making a biased decision on whether to hire them or not.

Remember you’re looking for someone that has the qualifications you need and want for your company.

Social Media Background Check: Shares, Likes, and Tweets

When you perform a social media background check, there are certain things you’re looking for. As a boss, you want the employee to fit within your company culture and possess a specific set of skills.

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