Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Here are the New Trends in Warehouse Architectural Design to Watch Out for?

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The industrial and architectural sphere is increasing, and as a result, commercial real estate is growing too. Industrial spaces are often considered as the golden child of commercial real estate. They are seemingly thriving right now, even when other sectors are facing challenges. This is majorly because people understand the importance of warehousing today. 

Over the years, there have been major developments in the architectural design trends. And, things have changed for good. It has improved both efficiency and accuracy of these spaces, which have become more functional today. 

Here, in this blog, let us understand these trends and how they are evolving:

The baseline dimensions are increasing

The demand for the warehouses can see a fast upsurge, and these are usually the spaces that witness the last-mile logistics. Hence, they need to have their designs pushed up in boundaries, both height, and width. If one wants to maximize the efficiency and capacity of these spaces, the architects have to attain higher clearance heights for them. The loading dock bay area needs to expand too. With this, the entire packing and unpacking processes can be streamlined through the areas adjacent to the loading docks.

Keeping sustainable features

Sustainability is the need of the hour. The warehousing industry has always kept it as a priority for quite some time now. This is now getting incorporated into the design development process too. The architects are designing features that are energy-efficient. The physical structure and orientation of the facility are going to facilitate the building’s heating and cooling, the expansion of natural sunlight, and the scope of better ventilation.

Automation in the warehouses

Smart technology is making its way into warehouse architecture too. The facilities are equipped with automated lighting systems, AI-powered atmosphere control systems, remote-controlled doors and other such smart integrations, which are paving their way inside the warehouse designs.

Expanding the parking spaces

Warehouses are one of the busiest points of industries that witness maximum deliveries every day. Here, parking efficiently becomes a very pricy concern. For that, modern design trends are suggesting larger areas with simultaneous pick-ups and drop-offs to prevent an unwanted traffic jam. There are also enough provisions for industrial vehicles to move freely.

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