Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Having green algae in your pool isn’t as surprising as you think

Having green algae in your pool isn't as surprising as you think

A popular question for pool owners has to do with eliminating green water algae and preventing it from coming back. Green or slime algae can grow in a pool if a few major pieces are not put together correctly. How did it get there? To begin with, pools with water that is too low in alkalinity and pH are warm and full of nutrients. A combination that will invite slime or green algae to grow!

Green algae are something all pool owners have to deal with

Green algae are a part of owning a pool. You could be doing all the right things in your pool maintenance, and you will still get an algae bloom. You can do a lot of things to keep your pool clean and green for as long as possible. Keeping your pool and water clean and balanced is the best way to avoid algae growth.  Learning how to clean a green swimming pool is a must, but it’s not a difficult task.

Green algae can grow if you aren’t maintaining your pH levels correctly. The lower the pH level in your pool is, the more likely green algae will bloom. Green algae will start growing faster when a pool is low in pH. Keeping your pH levels where they should be can prevent green algae growth. The pH level is important because it keeps the water balanced so that all of the minerals are where they should be and the water is clear.

Keep an eye on your pool’s pH balance to prevent algae growth

how to clean a green swimming pool

Green algae will grow in warm water. This is because it gets the proper amount of nutrients to grow quickly and thrive. If your pool isn’t properly balanced, the water could be warm and have all the nutrients algae need to grow fast. If your water is warm and lacking the right pH level you can expect green to start growing fast. You can keep an eye on your water temperature.

Once the green algae have bloomed, they will reproduce quickly and grow thick. Green algae growth is something you can easily take care of if you catch it early. Having a few pool chemicals on hand and knowing how to balance your pool will help you keep the green at bay.

Aeration can help clear the water and keep green algae to a minimum

Adding an aerator or an automatic chlorinator to your pool can help bring up the pH level. Chemical pool treatments are also available at pool shops that you can use to fight against the green algae. With a little bit of hard work, green algae growth can be reduced in your pool.

If you have green algae in your pool and notice it is getting worse, you may want to consider draining it. Green algae can be thick and harmful for swimmers. If left untreated, green algae can cause illness, skin irritation, or other problems.

Prevention is the best way to avoid algae problems

By taking steps to make sure your pool is clean and balanced, you can be on your way to a green algae-free pool. Green algae don’t mean the end of your pool. If you are diligent in your pool maintenance, green algae won’t grow too much.