Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Got An Online Business? 5 Ways To Be More Secure Digitally

Vast business opportunities, broader market reach, and flexible work schedules are amongst the reasons online business is booming today. One of the reasons entrepreneurs are keen to start their business online is its various benefits. For example, it allows a business owner to operate the company from any location, offers round-the-clock global access, and access to customers worldwide.

The low start-up cost associated with online businesses has led many individuals to pursue their dream of becoming entrepreneurs. Risks are involved when starting a business online. However, unlimited earning potential and growth opportunities are the outcomes of an online startup. Business owners are often unaware of the dangers that ultimately lead to unsuspecting lawsuits.

Understanding risks like website traffic interruptions and online security are essential to safeguard online businesses. Personal information, including account numbers, names, and phone addresses shared online, has led to an increase in cybercrime. It is due to a weak security system that allows cybercriminals to access employees’ financial and personal data.

A common threat online businesses face is targeted attacks. It happens when a cybercriminal pretends to be a third party and gets users to share sensitive information. One of the pathways of cyberattacks is malware which may defame your business, leading to huge losses.

The risk and impact of cyber-attacks have led to entrepreneurs focusing on securing their business digitally. So, if you are new to online business, here are some ways to prevent cyber threats.

Antivirus Protection

As an entrepreneur, you should look for antivirus that has ransomware protection, email scanning, and an anti-spam filter to ensure the security of your business. These features will help protect the valuable information of your employees and customers. Emails are a common pathway for a virus to access your credit card and personal information.

A good antivirus will scan the incoming emails or attachments and warn you about potential threats. Online business involves accepting online payments or storing sensitive data; that is why a reliable antivirus is necessary. One of the benefits of purchasing antivirus for a start-up is having access to high-level online security to create a safe environment for the user.

Regular background scanning is essential to prevent malware attacks. An antivirus will do the job effectively with minimal impact on the performance of your system.

Using Strong Passwords

A common way hackers break into the online system is by guessing the password. Common and simple passwords are a gateway for cybercriminals to access valuable data. To ensure the safety of your start-up, you must pay attention to the type of password you are choosing.

A password should be long and complex; it takes effort and time for hackers to crack such a password. Most business owners face the fear of forgetting a complex password. An individual can overcome such a problem by thinking of something easy to remember. For example, you could replace a word with a number or a symbol.

Since passwords provide defense against unauthorized access, creating a strong password is an essential step in safeguarding your business online.

Regular Backup 

Data protection is vital to running a smooth online business. It will cost business owners a lot of money if important files are lost. Regular backups ensure that valuable information is secure from theft or software damage. The benefit of backup is that it allows entrepreneurs to access the data regardless of time and location.

In case of an unfortunate event, copies of the saved data are reminders that all the information is protected. One of the reliable ways to keep your backed-up data safe is by downloading and keeping the files on an external hard drive or USB. Loss of data can disrupt business operations. It occurs due to natural disasters like fire, hackers, or human error.

A regular backup will secure vital information that contributes to the business’s growth and sustainability.

Data Encryption

To prevent the user’s data from getting into the hands of hackers, entrepreneurs should ensure that they encrypt all the data. Businesses scramble data into an unreadable format which is the ciphertext. It protects the information either stored on the company’s online system or transferred between employees and customers.

Encryption ensures that a company’s private data will be safe despite the data breach. An individual can only decode encrypted data using an encryption key. It allows employees to share information securely. Data is usually stored in the cloud through an ongoing connection to the web. Data and business emails are kept secure from prying eyes based on different types of encryption.

Triple DES decrypts and encrypts the data, whereas RSA uses a strong algorithm for encryption. Data encryption through the secure sockets layer prevents cyber-criminals from gaining access to information when transmitting it to and from a website.


Protection of business assets is essential in the growing age of global connectivity. A wide range of business connectivity for services like email and cloud storage has led to the implementation of effective firewall necessary. It is a network security system that protects the network from external threats.

A firewall prevents hackers from accessing the online system. Its primary function is to ensure that the internet traffic through which you transfer the data is legitimate. Cyber-criminals are likely to probe every computer connected to the internet without a firewall, gaining access to important files. It leads to financial loss and fines from authorities.

As a business owner, you should ensure that the firewall will manage internet traffic without slowing down your system or compromising security. Employing an IT expert will ensure that the firewall is in place to protect your business from emerging threats.

Final Thoughts

Online businesses are rapidly growing due to advanced technology and the freedom ecommerce has given to business owners. However, living in the digital age has exposed entrepreneurs to various threats. A data breach is the standard security threat most business owners face nowadays. The vast amount of information from phone numbers to account details available online is an easy target for cyber-criminals to hack into your system. An increasing number of threats to valuable data has made it essential to take online security measures.