Fire Prevention: How to Create a Safety Plan

Fire accidents happen unexpectedly, may it be in the morning, at midnight while sleeping, or during the afternoon. There’s no warning, and you might regret sooner or later that you don’t have a fire escape plan for your home. You can curate an escape plan with a fire safety consultant in Singapore to plan for these unfortunate events.

1. Install Smoke Alarms

Include installing smoke alarms with an engineered smoke control system to alert you when a fire accident is starting to happen. When you get notified right away, you can immediately take action to leave the premises and ensure everyone’s safety.

2. Have a Fire Drill With Your Family

When doing a fire risk assessment in Singapore, try to have a fire drill with your family to know your escape plan. Inspect the home and find where is the most convenient way to exit if a fire accident is happening.

3. Partner With Professional Fire Engineering

You can also partner with the top fire safety engineer to curate your fire escape plan. Since they are knowledgeable in this field, trust their judgement and make sure you’ll follow their advice for a safe escape during such events.

4. List Down Emergency Contact

While preparing your fire escape plan, it’s also better to list down emergency contact so you can inform the fire safety consultant right away. After this, they can send immediate help to prevent worsening the case. Ensure you have saved all the necessary contacts on your phone during emergencies.

5. Mark the Exit Way

When you have kids at home, you are responsible for guiding them about exit routes during fire accidents. You can put a simple arrow on the hallway going to the exit so your kids will not panic during these events.

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