Everything You Need to Know About Live Stream Production

How would you like to make $1,000 per minute?

Reportedly, that’s how much the most popular streamers in the industry make. Imagine dipping into just a little bit of that as a beginner and you’ll make serious bank.

And the way to garner a paying audience isn’t by selling them things they don’t need. All you need to bring is your personality.

We’re talking about streaming content.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s what you need to know about live stream production.

What You Need for Your Live Stream

You can’t get started without some much-needed equipment. We’ve outlined what’s necessary.


You’ll want to make sure your computer or laptop comes with a high-quality graphics card and CPU. That ensures the video you’re recording, like video games or other videos, doesn’t lag or show up blurry to your audience.


How else can you film your Twitch stream? A good live stream starts with a good camera.

You don’t have to shell out the big bucks just yet; something that’s affordable but reliable is your best bet.


You’re probably thinking you can use your computer’s microphone to capture your voice and other sounds. However, for the best video production, a separate microphone is vital for the best quality.


Viewers won’t stick around long if it looks like you’re streaming from a cave. They want to see your face and your reactions so make sure your area is nice and bright.

You can also showcase your personality or your brand by picking colorful lights or decor matching your aesthetic.


If this sounds like something techy and outside your wheelhouse, don’t worry. An encoder is needed to convert your video into digital format.

If you’re worried about all the equipment needed, live streaming production services give you everything that’s required. The only thing you’ll need to bring is the content!

How to Live Stream

Now that you have all the equipment needed, you’re ready to start streaming! Here’s how to proceed with getting your content online.

Get Your Equipment in Order

Wherever you’re streaming from, make sure it’s brightly lit and clutter-free. As for your camera and sound equipment, you’ll want to secure it to a steady surface as to prevent them falling over and possibly breaking.

Choose a Platform

When it comes to streaming production, it’s important to pick a platform to host your content. Think about the kind of content you want to produce and go from there.

Social media is a popular choice for vloggers while Twitch and YouTube is more suited for video game streams.

Hit the Live Button

Lights, camera, action! Hit that button and share your content with the world.

Before you stream, post the link on all your social media profiles so people know when to tune in. The most heartbreaking outcome would be to have no viewers so make sure you get the word out.

Your Answer to Live Stream Production

With everything in place, you’re ready for your live stream production! Don’t be nervous, you’ve got this. Before you know it, you’ll be up there with the most popular streamers.

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