Categories Of Skin Care Products 

Many of us love to take care of our skin but don’t know what type of products to use. Many people end up using the wrong products on their faces and end up destroying their faces, so you need to go to a dermatologist so that they can guide you on the right product to use on your face. They will also advise you on the products found in skin care products so that you can know the right product for your face. Some of the components found in skin care products are polyquaternium-32, and we will discuss them below. 


This particular product is a conditioning polymer, and it is used in facial cleansing commodities. Polyquaternium-22 also acts as a hair conditioner, preventing confusion in the hair because of changes or damage to the hair surface and improving compatibility. What makes polyquaternium great is that it has molecules that are significantly charged, and they attach themselves to the hair shaft and form a coherent film on the hair surface. With this, your hair becomes smooth, and combing becomes easier. 

Hair is made up of a component known as keratin. This product can be classified in two, either water-soluble or non-water soluble and since they have different solubility levels, various polyquaternium has their duties. 

Some of the benefits of using polyquaternium are ;

  • Helps to make your hair soft and smooth and makes shampoo have a creamy foam.
  • It issues excellent slip and lubricity and helps your hair not to have a buildup. 
  • It also helps to hold curls without flaking. 
  • Imparts outstanding dry compatibility. 


Types of skin care products 

  • Cleanser 

 Most dermatologists advise their patients to cleanse their faces twice daily so that they can get rid of bacteria and dirt that has accumulated throughout the whole day. But there are very many types of cleansers, and you need to know how your face functions before you get the right cleaner. One of the mistakes that most people make is that they purchase an ancleanerer and forget that they have to learn about their skin first to cleanse it. 

  • Exfoliator 

If you are a person who takes skincare routine very personal, you need to get the right exfoliator, but again, it can be challenging for those who are starting their skincare routine journey. What you need to know is that any product you use to remove dead skin is a form of an exfoliator. Before buying any exfoliator, first, see if you have oily or dry skin because every skin has its unique exfoliator. 

  • Treatment 

Treatment products are great for people with acne, dark spots, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. The type of treatment you need depends on the condition of your skin, and one of the products found in treatments is retinoids, such as retinoic, which deal with wrinkles. 


Always make sure you purchase the right cleanser for your face, and you should opt for a cleaner with polyqaurtanium-37 properties. But make sure your face will be able to take the ingredient.