Brield Delivers Worldwide

Brield, a leading member of the 3rd party shipping industry, helps international retailers expand their reach and tap into otherwise unreachable markets. 

It is one of the dozens of U.S. companies to clear the way for business owners in other countries to set up shop in the U.S. These companies handle the government and tax obstacles, delivering massive financial upsides for their clients. All an international business owner has to do is sign up for Brield’s mail forwarding service. The business owner receives a U.S. address for mail, correspondences, and packages. The company then forwards everything to the final destination.

Brield, which is owned by Omnitech International, also offers an extensive list of logistics solutions. Its mail forwarding service, which is part of that list, is popular among customers.

No physical presence necessary

The company also works with U.S. business owners to expand in international markets quickly and cost-effectively. These companies do not need to factor in any start-up cost into their budgets. They also will not need to rent or buy property in the U.S.

And they won’t need to concern themselves about overheads or any other miscellaneous expenses such as insurance and security, Brield says on its website at  And they would save on international shipping costs.

All they need is the U.S. address that Brield will provide when they sign up for a mail forwarding service to establish a U.S. presence. 

Benefit for individuals 

The company also assists individuals who live or work outside the U.S. to get mail and packages. Like business clients, all an individual need is to sign up for the mail forwarding service and wait to get the mail and packages sent to wherever they reside or work. 

The company offers service plans that are flexible and easy to customize. And there are no long-term commitments needed. Clients can cancel at any time. 

Differences among providers 

Brield is not the only 3rd party shipping supplier offering mail forwarding services, but they have some unique distinctions.

Shop & Ship focuses on the delivery of online purchases to clients worldwide. Unlike Brield, which delivers mail and packages to the client, Shop & Ship offers a locker option. When Shop & Ship gets a package, staff secure that package in a secure locker. The customer then collects the package from a designated locker. A phone number and pin code or scanning a QR code are needed to gain access. 

At Shipito, subscribers to the shipping service can make purchases from popular websites. Retailers ship the packages to warehouses that Shipito operates. And from there, Shipito forwards them to their customers. 

Viabox is unique in that it offers clients physical mailing addresses in Oregon only. Customers send mail and packages to that address, and Viabox forwards them. 

Access and control

While some companies make signing up for their services a bit challenging, Brield offers easy access. It also gives customers control once they subscribe. 

From an online customer portal, clients can make changes to their service. They can also monitor the status and the delivery date of their packages from the online portal. As part of the service, customers have unlimited and unrestricted access to their accounts year-round.