Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Back-up your financial goals with term insurance

Every individual can have various dreams and aspirations in life. As you grow old, your drive to achieve your goals can increase. However, the lack of financial support might stop you from taking a step further towards fulfilling your dreams. Under such a scenario, term insurance can come to your rescue since they can let you back-up your goals with financial support. Therefore, let’s understand why it can be crucial to buy term insurance to realize your dreams:

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An insurance policy can be a value-addition to your financial planning system. The primary objective of an insurance policy can be the financial security of your loved ones in your absence. For many of you, the financial well-being of your family can be a top priority. To safeguard the families, over 68%-70% of people buy life insurance schemes for them.

Although there are many life insurance schemes, such as whole-life policies, endowment policies, money-back plans, term insurance plans can play a crucial role in your lives. With a term plan, you can financially secure your loved ones with a death pay-out as well as meet your life goals with the return of premium amount.

A term plan can offer various benefits that can ensure your financial goals are met with ease. Therefore, let’s go through the top three benefits that highlight why you should buy term insurance to back-up your financial goals in detail:

  1. Term plans can be affordable

A term plan can be the most affordable out of all the available insurance products, such as whole-life policy, endowment plan, money-back policy, and so on. At the time of purchase, your insurer can charge you with a minimal premium amount. Although a term plan can be affordable, there are two ways to buy it at a relatively cheaper rate, which are as follows:

  • Buy term plans at a young age

Since you might be physically fit when you are young, term insurance can be available at a cheaper rate than usual.

  • Opt for an online term plan

An online term policy might not involve external charges, such as third-party commission. Hence, you can buy term insurance at a lower rate on the online portal of your insurer.

  1. Term plans can offer a comprehensive coverage

Due to the rising inflation rate, having a comprehensive term coverage can be essential. Under a term policy, you can protect your family with death benefits in your absence while you can lead a secure future with the premium amount, which can be returned to you after the maturity period. Moreover, you can increase your term coverage after you achieve the most crucial milestones, such as marriage, parenthood, and so forth. Adequate term coverage can manage the financial requirements of your family as well as realize your goals with ease.

  1. Term plans can consist of different variants

Many insurance companies can provide you with different variants to match your evolving financial goals. Although the variants can vary based on your insurer, the most common types of variants can be a child education cover, joint-life cover, whole-life cover, and so on. Before you choose a variant for you, consider your current life stage and financial goals. If your primary goal is your child’s education after the birth of the kid, opt for an educational cover for your child.

As highlighted above, term insurance can be a crucial part of your financial plan. Right from safeguarding your family members to offering financial support, term insurance plans today can be a worthy form of purchase for your overall needs. Use a term insurance premium calculator to compare and select the best plan for yourself today.