Areas of Employment Law Where An Employment Lawyer Can Help You

Business lawyer working about legal legislation in courtroom to help their customer

Unfortunately, employees face a lot of issues in their workplace. Some of these issues are often related to discrimination or harassment. Any employee should not tolerate any misbehavior from anyone in the workplace. If an employee does face misconduct, it will be essential to contact a White Plains employment law attorney and proceed accordingly. 

Employment lawyers are essential in cases wherein managing conflicts between employees and employers becomes necessary. Employment lawyers can also become crucial in cases where there is a need to maintain relationships between employers and contractors with an agreement or a contract. Similarly, there are certain areas of employment law where an employment attorney can help you. 

Assistance from an employment lawyer: 

  • Legal terminations 

Often, employees are terminated based on an “at-will” provision. “At-will” employment is one of the most misunderstood terms. It allows an employer to terminate employment at any time for any reason. In such cases, an employment law attorney from White Plains will be significantly helpful. 

The lawyer can help terminated employees to check for contractual obligations offering protection from the termination process. Such commitments defined in the contract can supersede “at-will” employment criteria and save an employee from unlawful termination. 

  • Discrimination 

It is illegal for an employer to terminate employees based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, age, pregnancy, or medical conditions. The law protects these criteria to ensure that no employee is terminated based on discrimination. 

An employment attorney can help employees understand the significance of protected criteria and save them from unlawful termination. The lawyer can also ensure that no employee faces wrongful termination, such as through harassment. 

  • Employee benefits 

Employee benefits are a vast collection of employment laws. Sometimes, an employer must make hard decisions for employees in difficult times. Such instances can result in cost-cutting, directly affecting the associated employee and their benefits. 

An employment lawyer can save an employee’s hassle of counterpointing the reduction in their entitled benefits by ensuring the order of documentation and its alignment with employment law. Lawyers can also assist employees or employees in answering difficult questions related to reductions of benefits. 

  • Negotiation

It is illegal for an employer to discourage employees from forming a union or from negotiating employment terms. Collective bargaining negotiation can become challenging for employees, given they do not know much about employment laws and want higher wages and benefits. 

As a result, the employment lawyer will have a solid experience in mediation and negotiation. Lawyers’ practice can result in a better understanding of laws and legalities regarding collective bargaining negotiation. An employment lawyer can support employees to negotiate or bargain effectively by adhering to laws.