Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Angular Answers: Is Angular a Good Programming Language?


Angular is a programming language that can be used for web applications or apps on mobile and desktop alike. But is it any good?

If you were to look at popularity alone, you might be considering Vue.js (#1 spot for popularity) or React (#2 spot) as well. Both are good alternatives to Angular, but sometimes Angular is just the stable, fast, reliable solution you need.

When that’s the case, you need to know that you can rely on it instead of, say, the Go programming language, Rust programming language, or R programming language.

Each computer programming language has its specific uses. So is Angular a good programming language for you?

A Programming Language For the Future?

There are a lot of quality, expert Angular development services out there. But you might be wondering if you should go with Angular as a programming language at all.

Well, yes, most of the time you can. Although, Angular isn’t a programming language it is a framework of TypeScript (previously of JavaScript).

Why? Since Angular is a full-stack option it means your development team also needs to be full-stack capable. However, that also means scalable.

To get started using Angular, your team must have strong skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript already. Angular JS started out in Google as a framework for JavaScript.

Now, while it’s still a framework, Google’s announcement of Angular 2 (mostly y called Angular, rather than Angular JS) caused many to jump ship in 2016, rather than continue to rely on Google. Google has a reputation for starting many projects but after many people love and use the product over time, suddenly pull support for it or trash it altogether.

Rest assured, this will not happen with Angular, since there are so many uses for its scalability, there are so many developers working on it, and since it’s stronger than ever.

Basically, the answer is: Yes, Angular is a fantastic programming language for full-stack solutions, scalable and feature-rich applications, and if you need high-performing solutions on the web.

Clearing the Air Around Angular

Angular is not just a library for JavaScript. Angular apps are also not slower than apps made using other frameworks — if your code is made using best practices, as they should be.

Angular, while it uses TypeScript, doesn’t make it mandatory per se. You can continue using JavaScript or ES6 if you prefer.

If you are wondering if it’s a good language, it’s important to remember that Forbes, Google, Samsung, and Microsoft all have their systems and applications invested in developing using Angular.

How to Get the Most Out of Angular

Need a few tips on how to use Angular version 12 in 2021 and beyond? One of the best things you can do for best practices moving forward is to keep educated. A shortlist might look like this:

  • Don’t forget to use Angular CLI (command line interface)
  • Keep your folders in order
  • Be consistent with your style of coding
  • Get familiar with TypeScript and keep up to date
  • Don’t neglect ES6 and use its features liberally
  • Instead of ngFor, use trackBy for loops
  • Use smaller components (since you can reuse them and reduce duplication)

As you get familiar, you can see there are hundreds of little tips you can do to keep your code clean and working great.

Angular’s Position as a Programming Language: Solid Quality

As a programming language, you can see that Angular is solidly still in the top running. There is no perfect programming language. The use of any programming language is circumstantial to your use-case.

You should have expert advice to pick the programming language you want to use in the first place. You’ll also need an expert team to not miss dozens of those little tips and tricks we mentioned as a sample above. Need more advice and tips about your code, applications, or websites? Keep browsing our articles for more!