An Example About Forms Under Hong Kong Company Ordinance


Hong Kong’s new Company Ordinance enhances the corporate governance and strengthens HK’s business competitiveness. Under the Company Ordinance, more local SMEs may be able to adopt simplified finance reporting. A private company needs to have at least one individual director.

The Forms Available Online

New forms (that are online) are available for directors and/or owners to report company information. Owners or the company’s administration officer can always find the forms in the format of hard copies at the information counter of the office address at 14th floor of 66 Queensway in Hong Kong. But hard copy forms must be purchased. A better alternative is to download the forms (free of charge) from the official website, and then have them printed with your own printing device.

Example: The ND2A Form

Each form that concerns with the matters of company incorporation has its own purpose. All the forms must be signed before they are submitted to the Companies Registry. In each specific form (such as the ND2A form), it indicates which person must sign the form. For example, a director or the secretary of the company may sign the forms delivered to the Companies Registry for registration. For registered non Hong Kong companies, the authorized representative may sign certain forms.

Usually, a form should always be signed by an officer who is current still with the company. But there are cases when a resigned officer should actually sign a form. A resigning officer may sign the ND2A form to report his resignation. But the date on which the form was signed must not be later than the date of his resignation. The main purpose of the ND2A form is to notify for the change of company secretary. Under the situation of many SMEs in HK, they may not have hired a full time company secretary because that is simply not cost-effective at all. They would appoint a secretary through of the business service agencies. When changing company secretary, basically it requires the cancellation (or cessation) of the old secretary, and the appointment of the new secretary.

Other Forms for Incorporation

In some forms, there is the presentor person and details that are required. For example, it is compulsory to fill in the presentor’s reference for the forms of NNC1, NNC1G, NNC2, etc. The presentor himself should decide whether it is appropriate and/or necessary to provide his contact details such as telephone number, fax number, and email address. When the presentor has provided such particulars or contact information, it will allow the Hong Kong Companies Registry to facilitate communication with the presentor.