Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Ally Bank 13-Month CD Promotion

ally bank 13-month cd promotion

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a time-bound savings account with a fixed interest rate and maturity date. Banks often offer CDs with various term lengths, and occasionally, they may run special promotions with unique terms. Ally Bank, an online-only bank known for its customer-friendly products, had been noticed to provide promotions like the 13-month CD. Here’s an analysis of what the Ally Bank 13-month CD promotion entails and what potential investors should consider.

The Promotion Details

Please note that the details provided in this article might change, and it’s always wise to check with Ally Bank directly for the most current information. As of the last known promotion:

  • Term: 13 months
  • Interest Rate: The interest rate would vary based on the amount deposited and market conditions. Ally Bank’s rates have generally been competitive with or even above the industry average.
  • Minimum Deposit: Often, there is no minimum deposit required for opening a CD with Ally Bank.
  • Early Withdrawal Penalty: Like other CDs, withdrawing the money before the maturity date might result in a penalty. The exact terms would depend on the specific promotion.
  • FDIC Insured: Like all Ally Bank deposits, the 13-month CD would be FDIC insured up to the maximum allowed by law.

Why Consider a 13-Month CD?

The 13-month term is an unusual one and might be appealing for several reasons:

  1. Higher Interest Rate: Promotional CDs might offer a higher interest rate than regular savings accounts or shorter-term CDs.
  2. Short Commitment: A 13-month term provides a relatively short commitment compared to longer-term CDs, offering more flexibility.
  3. Laddering Strategy: This term might fit well into a CD laddering strategy, where investors spread their investments across various term lengths to balance risk and reward.

Pros and Cons


  • Competitive Rates: Ally Bank often offers attractive rates on its CDs.
  • Online Convenience: As an online bank, Ally provides easy access and management of your account.
  • No Minimum Deposit: The flexibility of no minimum deposit may appeal to a broader range of investors.


  • No Physical Branches: Some customers might miss having physical branches to visit.
  • Penalty for Early Withdrawal: This is standard for CDs but worth considering if you might need access to your funds earlier.


The Ally Bank 13-month CD promotion can be an appealing option for those looking to invest in a short-term, interest-bearing account. It combines the security of a CD with a unique term length that might fit well into various investment strategies.

However, potential investors should always check the current terms directly with Ally Bank, as promotional offers may change. Additionally, considering your financial goals, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs is vital before investing in any CD or other financial product.