A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Drayage

What is the key to effective business management and operations? Logistics is one that can strengthen a company’s efficiency.  Drayage is one that has gained a lot of attention in the past years. As a result, it can be hard to tell how drayage services work.

To learn more about what drayage is and how to manage it, read this guide on the basics of drayage.

Defining Drayage

Drayage is the term used to describe the short-distance shipping of goods, typically over land.

It typically refers to the transport of goods from a port to an inland terminal, but can also refer to the movement of goods between two points within the same city.

Drayage is a critical link in the supply chain, as it allows companies to move goods quickly and efficiently to meet customer demand. Drayage companies offer a variety of services, including local pick-up and delivery, intermodal drayage, and container drayage.

Measuring the Need for Drayage

When considering whether or not to use drayage services, businesses must first assess their needs.

The number of goods to be moved, the distance they need to be moved, and the time frame in which they need to be moved are all important factors to consider.

Additionally, businesses must take into account the type of goods being moved, as some items may require special handling or equipment. There are Drayage specialists from ITG Transport services who can help you assess your needs. Get a quotation now!

The Benefits of Drayage

Drayage is a critical part of the supply chain, as it ensures that goods can get from point A to point B in a timely and efficient manner. Learn about their benefits below:

Reduced Transportation Costs

Drayage can often be cheaper than shipping goods via air or ground transportation.

Faster Delivery Times

Drayage can help to speed up the delivery of goods, as goods can be transported directly from the port or warehouse to the final destination.

Increased Flexibility

Drayage can be a flexible solution for transporting goods, as it can be adapted to meet the specific needs of each individual shipment.

The Cost of Drayage

Drayage is the term used to describe the movement of cargo by truck. It is a door-to-door service, which includes the pick-up, transport, and delivery of your shipment.

The cost of drayage is based on the weight of the shipment, the distance it needs to travel, and the type of cargo. If you are shipping something that is time-sensitive or valuable, you may also need to pay for special handling.

Learning Drayage and How It Can Benefit You

Asking your forwarder or broker about drayage charges upfront can save you a lot of money. Drayage is the transport of goods from one location to another and is a door-to-door service.

When you include drayage in your shipping quote, you are paying for the entire journey of your goods, from the moment they leave the loading dock to the moment they arrive at their final destination.

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