A Beginners Guide to Tax Efficient Investments

A Beginners Guide to Tax Efficient Investments

Ah, so you’ve just made a great investment and you’re ready to count your dollars?

Well, not so fast! You might have made an investment that wasn’t tax efficient. This means that your investment might come with a huge tax bill and that you’ve earned less than you thought.

So what do you do? You should consider making tax efficient investments so you can reduce or negate your tax bill next time you make a great profit.

Here’s what you need to know on how to save money on investment taxes:

Create an Account for Tax Efficient Investments

The first step is to use a tax efficient investing account. These can include services such as a 401K or Roth IRAs. 

These accounts let you make cash deposits that can grow over time. Over several years, the amount will increase without you having to pay taxes. You might have to pay a small penalty fee for withdrawal on occasion.

But these accounts are ideal for slowly building your wealth without having to worry about a huge tax bill.

Find and Create Assets

Another great way to enhance your tax efficient investing is to acquire assets that grow in value without you having to pay taxes. Another option is to also create these assets.

In many states across the US, you can buy precious metals without paying sales tax. You won’t have to pay capital gains taxes on these metals unless you sell them.

Precious metals such as gold and silver are a great option for building your purchasing power over several years. You can do this without needing to send a huge cheque to your tax authority!

If you can’t afford to buy raw bullion then buying gold and silver jewelry can also serve as an investment. In most cases, these aren’t taxed except for a low sales tax.

You can also create assets that won’t come with a large tax bill. The best option is to create digital products that you can register in a jurisdiction with low to no taxes on royalties.

Hire an Advisor

As a final step, you should look at this service to hire an advisor to help you save on your taxes.

The sad fact is, that the tax code gets more and more complicated each year. As a result, it’s becoming harder to find tax efficient investments. However, an advisor will keep up to speed with the changing laws.

They’ll ensure that you always find the best tax efficient investments that’ll grow your wealth without having to pay high taxes.

Build Wealth, Save on Taxes

Now you know the advantages of tax efficient investments and how they can help you build wealth.

You want to start by adding cash to tax efficient investing accounts. Afterward, consider buying assets that have few tax obligations such as precious metals.

Creating digital products is a great way to earn royalties without paying high taxes. Having an advisor by your side ensures that you’ll always know the different types of tax efficient investments to help you generate wealth.

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