5 Unique Sales Pitches To Try With Your Sales Team

Did you know that companies spend $15 billion each year on training sales teams and $800 billion on incentives to retain talent? 

Studying sales pitches should be essential to anyone working within the sales industry. But what are some of the best sales pitch ideas to use with your sales team?

In this article, we’ll share five unique sales ideas that you can put to work on your next pitching session. 

1. Reference Previous Conversations 

If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting your prospect before, don’t start your sales pitch by just talking about yourself, your business, or your product. Instead, use some of the rapport that you’ve already built up with them. 

Reference back to previous conversations that you’ve had with them. This shows your prospect that you remember them. It also serves to remind them that you understand their problem or situation. 

It’ll help if your previous conversation featured discover questions such as “what problem are you looking to solve?”

Start your pitch with a review of the most important things you already know about the prospect, including their pain points. 

2. Start Your Sales Pitches With a Question

A great sales pitch starts a dialogue. Instead of just starting your pitch with an introduction to yourself, try asking a question instead. Use open questions that elicit more than a yes/no answer. 

This will open up a conversation during which you can find out more about your prospect. This in turn will allow you to find out their pain points and work out the benefits of your product or service to them. 

3. Keep It Short and Sweet

In your first pitch to a prospect, you don’t need to tell them everything about your product or service. A great pitch will always leave them wanting to know more.

If you’ve worked out your prospect’s pain points, you should be able to pitch with just one line. 

4. Highlight the Benefits 

It can be all too easy to reel off a list of product or service features to your prospect. And, while this may all be useful information, it doesn’t tell them why the product is relevant to them.

Lead your sales pitches with all of the benefits and you’ll be more likely to win your prospect over far easier. 

This concept should be central in your sales training

5. Use Data to Back Your Pitch Up

Throwing in a statistic can really help your pitch. Data equals evidence, and this evidence can fill a prospect with confidence in the product or service that you’re offering. 

When it comes to data, keep it relevant and make sure that you’re pulling it from a reputable source.

Unique Sales Pitches to Try With Your Sales Team

Now you know how to come up with sales pitches, you’ll know exactly how to improve a sales team. Use these sales pitch ideas to boost team training. 

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