5 Incredible Benefits of Video Marketing for Your Business

Are you unsure if video marketing is the way to go for your business? Well, don’t worry we’ve got your back! Buckle up while we dig into 5 incredible video marketing tips for your business.

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Increased SEO From Video Marketing

Since videos are more likely to be shared on social media, using video for marketing can give your company SEO benefits. In fact, using video can increase the organic ranking of your website by 79%.

A word of advice: Use keywords in your file name and description when uploading a video to YouTube. For help with this process, check out YouTube’s Creator Academy and you can learn more here.

Driving Brand Awareness

Just as with SEO, when your video is shared across social networks it increases brand awareness. This is free advertising.

Plus, if you include an overlay at the end of your videos that asks people to take an action (click here, shop now, learn more), they are more likely to engage with your brand.

When people engage with your brand, it builds trust – which is essential for establishing an emotional connection with potential customers.

Increased Engagement

Video is a great way to communicate with your audience. In fact, HubSpot did research and found that videos are shared on social media 1,200% more than just plain text.

Videos can be used as a standalone content piece, but they also work well when blended together with other forms of multimedia, like images and infographics.

Additionally, video allows brands to go beyond text-based communication by including voiceovers and sound effects for a level of interactivity that makes viewers feel like they’re right in the middle of the action.

Increased Traffic

According to Animoto’s research, businesses using video on their sites saw an average increase of 434% in social media traffic from Facebook and 665% more views through YouTube.

This is another hint that having a good video marketing strategy is a must. This is because short videos are shareable on multiple social platforms (including LinkedIn) where users can upload them directly to their feeds.

Additionally, having a presence on YouTube results in an additional 1 billion hours of video being watched every week- for free!

Decreased Bounce Rate

According to HubSpot, video content keeps people on your website longer than text-based content alone. In fact, for every minute of video someone watches, they stay on your website for an average of 97% longer.

So, there you have it. Videos are a great way to increase brand awareness and trust, as well as improve SEO.

They bring in more traffic to your website, keep readers on your site longer, eliminate bounce rates, and drive more conversions.

With so many benefits at their disposal brands should be taking advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

So, What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is one of the best ways to share your company’s message with an online audience. Whether you’re filming a testimonial, product demonstration, or tutorial video, adding video content to your website.

Integrating video into your business marketing can help boost conversion rates and increase customer engagement.

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