Tuesday, September 26, 2023

3 Questions About Workers’ Compensation

Sustaining a serious injury at work can lead to a complex situation. This is especially true if your injury leads to hospital bills and long-term disabilities. For this reason, many people who experience workplace injuries seek out the help of legal professionals for guidance. 

When looking at different workers’ compensation firms Iowa to contact, it can be helpful to think about the types of questions you want to ask. While every situation is unique, there have been many individuals in your shoes before. Take a look at some common questions that workers’ compensation clients often have. 

1. Can I See My Own Doctor?

Because many people have already established a relationship with their personal or family doctors, it is common for clients to request seeing the same person. With workers’ compensation processes, state laws and requirements can sometimes complicate things. As such, choosing your own doctor is not always an option. Double check with your employer.

2. What Benefits Can I Receive?

Another workers’ compensation inquiry that many individuals have is about the types of benefits they can receive. The answer to this question depends on each situation. For example, the nature and extent of your injuries can make a major difference in the benefit amounts. Similarly, state laws can vary, so benefits can also depend on your location.

3. Will I Be Able To Return to My Previous Job?

If you can do the same work as before after you heal, then the law protects a place at your employer that is equivalent to your previous position. With that said, your employer has no obligation to fire the person who covered your absence. Keeping your employer informed of your health status can help everyone plan.

Dealing with the after effects that follow a workplace injury can be stressful, but working with an attorney can make the process easier. Use this information to help guide you forward.