3 Benefits of Hiring a Promotional Modeling Agency

Is your social media content struggling to stand out among your competition? Are your PPC ads at a standstill?

It’s easy to get caught up in digital advertising and forget about the value of traditional marketing. Traditional methods bring tremendous value to digital campaigns themselves.

One of the longest-lasting marketing methods is promotional modeling.

Like product demonstrators, promo models demo products, but they also add another dimension to the customer experience, adding an element of fantasy to generate memorable experiences (and sales!)

Here’s a closer look at the benefit of promotional modeling for marketing campaigns.

  1. Forget Impersonal Marketing

Does your marketing lack warmth?

Think about how you expect to be treated by any small business. You probably expect friendliness, knowledge, and trust. Similarly, you should expect (and strive for) the same in your marketing.

Personable marketing makes promotional modeling stand out. Not only do models demo your products, displaying trustworthy product knowledge, but they also engage with consumers in meaningful ways. Great promotional models understand the art of high-converting conversations!

Since promotional models create personable marketing experiences, they’re most effective for the following campaign types:

  • Trade shows
  • Live marketing events
  • Outdoor marketing
  • Car shows
  • Tech events
  • Digital media conventions
  • Gaming expos

It’s crucial to pinpoint your audience first before hiring a promotional model agency. You’ll also need a list of talking points for your models; however, they must sound natural while integrating CTAs and product add-ons.

2. Product Knowledge

Do you have a product that should be demoed?

Suppose you’re launching a new food product, but no one has tested it yet. Remember, you’re also competing with brand loyalty. Thus, you need to introduce your product directly to consumers.

Giveaways are your first step, and promo models are perfect for this strategy. For example, new beverage companies will hire promotional models to distribute samples of cocktails, wines, and liquors at cocktail bars. Similarly, the same bars (or venues) also hire promotional model agencies for events and parties.

You have several promo models distributing your product, helping your samples move quickly throughout the event. You’ll also need a prominent marketing display for your product. Models can use CTAs to direct guests to your kiosk for product purchases.

Models can also discuss ingredients, backstories, and goodwill causes behind brands. This strategy bridges trust with customers. Importantly, promo models talk confidently about the product and are familiar with it.

Models are also prepared with product anecdotes, allergy information, safety points, and other talking points that address possible concerns.

3. Boost Brand Awareness

Generating sales is the end goal, but brand awareness is just as important.

Even if someone doesn’t buy a product that day, brand awareness still lingers. Promotional modeling agencies cement brand names in consumers’ minds, encouraging them to purchase products online or attend more events.

Thus, you’ll need branded merchandise ready for models to wear. For example, if you’re launching a new sports drink, have your promo models wear branded tank tops or tees.

Discover the Benefits of Promotional Modeling

Are you ready to try something different for your next marketing campaign?

Talk to a promotional modeling agency about your goals, and discover what proper personable marketing can do for your sales.

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