12 Essential Items You Need for a Business Office

Congrats on starting your new business! You’re joining one of the 627,000 new businesses created in the US each year.

From adjusting to a new schedule to managing new clients, setting up your new business for success has quite a few moving parts.

Make your new venture run more smoothly by setting up your business office with everything you need for success.

Below we’ve included the 12 essential items you need for a business office.

  1. Paper

A fresh start requires a blank slate – namely, ample amounts of paper. Stock up on paper goods, from notebooks and notepads to sticky notes and paper for your printer.

On that note, keep extra ink and toner on hand so you’re able to print what you need when you need it.

  1. Organizational Desk Supplies

Your desk should be full of supplies that keep you organized and help you meet deadlines. All the items you take for granted like pens and rubber bands will be the tools you need to stay on top of your work.

Think writing utensils like pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters.

You’ll also need items like glue, tape, pushpins, rubber bands, staples, and paperclips.

To store papers and documents, have numerous folders and binders on hand.

  1. Presentation Supplies

You’ll likely be meeting with clients in your office space, and having the right office supplies can make your presentations that much more effective.

Keep supplies on hand including a whiteboard, markers, erasers, and a paper easel with pens.

  1. Tech

As businesses are growing more digital, having both a computer and a mobile phone is necessary to operate a successful company. Whether you prefer a desktop or a laptop is up to you – some people may even use both.

In addition, you’ll need a copier, printer, and wireless router to keep all of your devices connected.

  1. Phone System

While you’re in the realm of technology, don’t forget that you need a  great phone system, too.

Mobile phones are great for when you’re on the go, but having one central location to keep track of all of your messages will keep your business running more smoothly.

Look for business office phone systems that have multi-line capabilities or VoIP phone systems that can even connect with CRM software.

  1. Apps & Software

No matter the device you use, you’ll need tools to keep track of your clients and manage your operations.

Tools you should consider include CRM software, inventory tracker, payroll and invoicing log, email management software, and a sales tool.

  1. Comfortable Furniture

Especially if you’re a new business owner, you can expect to put in long days at your new space. It’s crucial that you have comfortable furniture options so you’re not distracted by back pain or neck strains.

Invest in an ergonomic desk chair with plenty of lower back support. Lower back pain is the most common cause of workplace disability in office workers under the age of 45.

If there’s room in your office, consider placing a comfortable sofa in the corner to give you another seating option on the days that you don’t want to sit at a desk.

  1. Adjustable Computer Monitor

On that note, make sure that your computer display also allows for maximum comfort. A great way to do this would be by investing in an adjustable computer monitor.

That way, you don’t have to look down at your computer all day and can instead move the monitor to a comfortable position for you.

If you prefer to just work on your desktop, test its position to make sure that you can look at it comfortably. The top of your computer screen should be slightly below eye level.

  1. Storage Organization

Depending on the number of files you process, your office space may need ample storage solutions. For example, a law office will have high needs for paperwork storage.

You have several options to make sure that your office has ample storage to fit your needs.

You can keep file cabinets under your desk for quick access to paperwork. Certain furniture like coffee tables and ottomans open up for storage.

Custom cabinets are another option that personalizes a space while adding storage.

  1. Planner & Calendar

Keep everything from meetings to personal appointments all in one place with a planner and calendar.

A planner is a portable tool that is broken down by date and time so you can write down engagements. A calendar is often larger and can be hung on the wall or display on your desk.

Having both will give you the chance to have visibility of your schedule at all times.

  1. Functional Decor

Your office should be personalized with items like art pieces and photos of your family to make the space feel more like your own.

But functional decor is a great choice if you’re looking to maximize a small space or if you have high storage needs.

Floating shelves are a great way to add another layer of storage while adding depth to the space. An elegant wall calendar will look great and help you keep track of your schedule.

  1. Mailing Supplies

If you have ingoing or outgoing mail, especially if your business involves shipping products to customers, you’ll need adequate supplies for shipping.

You may end up needing large-scale shipping operations with more supplies if you end up expanding the number of products you sell.

But just as a rule of thumb, you should always keep boxes, padded envelopes, tape, stamps, and shipping labels around.

Don’t forget to have items like bubble wrap, styrofoam, security seals, and temperature control packs to keep sensitive items protected during shipment.

Creating the Perfect Business Office Space

Whether it’s your first solo venture or you’re an experienced business owner, setting up a business office with all of the necessary tools will facilitate the smoothest operations possible.

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